Place of gathering fee (depending on location, day & duration) $200-$1250
Place of worship fee (church, temple, etc.) $395-$895
Honorarium (clergy/spiritual leader/presider/master of ceremonies) $150-$400
Musician $150-$350
Reception hall (depending on location, day & duration) $150-$650
Caterer – estimate $12-$25/person
Service & disposables for the reception (4 hours / 50 people) – estimate $195+
Guest memorial book & thank-you cards $25-$200
Photo tribute on DVD (30-50 pictures & equipment) $350-$500
Bookmarks or prayer cards (various prices depending on design and quantity) $190+
Opening/closing of cemetery grave/niche for an urn (depending on selected cemetery) $200 +
Opening/closing of cemetery grave or a crypt in a mausoleum for a casket (depending on selected cemetery) – Some cemeteries do not have a lowering device ($250-$350 depending on the location of the cemetery) $525 +
Regular application for a copy of an Act of death from Quebec Civil Status (each) $39/ea.
Proofs of death from Voluntas (3 included) $5/ea.
Newspaper announcement (with picture/day) – estimate $350-$500
Newspaper announcement (text only without picture/day) – estimate $175-$250
Accelerated request for cremation or a specific date $150
Secure holding facility (refrigerated) (4 days included), thereafter: $25/day
Fee for extra consultation, planning & coordination $75/hr.
Urn plaque or urn engraving – estimate $20+
Engraving name and dates on an existing monument $150+
Liquidator Guide for Estate Settlement Assistance $165
Ordering & preparing documents to travel with cremated remains outside Quebec province $30
Release of butterflies or doves – estimate $200+
Memorabilia (candles, jewellery, etc.) Various prices
50” television rental (including transportation) $200
27” television rental $40
Basic sound system, including iPod & microphone, for small gathering places $50
Sound system, including iPod, sound board & microphone for large gathering places $250+
Flowers Various prices