Dellar, Teresa
19 août 2019

Teresa Dellar

Le 19 août 2019, le paradis a accueilli un ange qui avait gagné ses ailes sur terre. Teresa (TC) Dellar est décédée à la suite d’un combat de deux ans contre le cancer. Elle laisse dans le deuil son époux bien-aimé Gavin Fernandes, ses fils adorés Jonathan et Nicholas. Ils étaient sa raison de vivre et elle en était si fière. Elle laisse également dans le deuil ses parents Leonard et Barbara Dellar, ses frères et soeurs Mike (Claire), Lois (James), Howard (Diane) et Mary (Sean), ses neveux et nièces Conor, Liam, Sarah et Jenny, sa belle-famille Raie, David (Huiwen) ainsi que plusieurs cousins, cousines et amis. Elle aimait les rassemblements familiaux et par sa présence, rendait ces derniers des plus agréables.

Nous sommes très reconnaissants envers nos amis qui nous ont aidés durant sa longue maladie : à cuisiner, nettoyer, marcher les chiens, s’assoir avec elle, l’écouter et l’aimer. Ils sont trop nombreux pour les nommer et parce qu’ils l’aimaient, ils voulaient l’aider. Elle a apprécié toutes ces marques d’affection et soyez assurés qu’elle vous aimait en retour.

Son départ sera ressenti dans notre communauté et à l’étranger par ses collègues, car Teresa était la cofondatrice et directrice de la Résidence de soins palliatifs de l’Ouest-de-l’Île et de l’Institut de soins palliatifs de Montréal. Elle était également associée à la fondation de la société irlandaise de Montréal, et auparavant à l’école secondaire Loyola, Becket Players, au groupe de soutien de la prostate de l’Ouest-de-l’Île, au Conseil des soins palliatifs de l’Université McGill, et plusieurs autres.

Ses funérailles seront célébrées à la Basilique St-Patrick, 460 René-Lévesque O., Montréal H2Z 1A7, le mardi 3 septembre à 14h. La célébration de sa vie suivra de 17 h à 21 h, à l’hôtel Marriott de l’aéroport de Montréal, 800 Leigh-Capreol, Dorval H4Y 0A4 (4 h de stationnement gratuit, généreusement offert par le Marriott). Merci de considérer porter une touche de rose aux deux évènements. Au lieu de fleurs, des dons à la mémoire de Teresa peuvent être faits à la Résidence de soins palliatifs de l’Ouest-de-l’Île. Les arrangements ont été confiés à Voluntas (, 514-695-7979).


Instructions pour le stationnement au Marriott de l’aéroport


Basilique St. Patrick

460 René-Lévesque W., Montreal H2Z 1A7

Le mardi 3 septemre 2019 à 14h

Célébration de vie

Marriott Hotel Montreal Airport

800 Leigh-Capreol, Dorval H4Y 0A4

Le mardi 3 septembre 2019 de 17h à 21h

20 commentaires

  1. Kathy Marshall

    23 août 2019 à 9:57

    Our deepest sympathies to Gavin, Jonathan & Nicholas – Leonard & Barbara – Mike, Lois, Howie & Mary and their families. There are no words to express how sad we feel. Heaven has definitely gained an angel. TC will be missed by so many for a long time to come but we are so happy to have been a part of her life and are very proud of her many accomplishments. You are in our hearts and on our minds. Dennis & Kathy

    • Richard Leonardo

      27 août 2019 à 12:13

      My deepest sympathy and prayers to the whole family and friends. There are no words to express how sad we feel. She will join another angel my wife Monique Leonardo ‘s best friend with Becket Players for many years. Monique passed away on June 4 th 2015. Teresa was the first person to greet her at her arrival at the Paliative Care. My wife worked partime at the reception. After her firts day coming home she says to me I met my friend Terasa she was in charge of the reception. Little did she know that she was their founder and Director. After she sawTeresa my wife would not open her eyes. Teresa was the last person she saw. It’s sad that we cannot hear their stories playing in a comedy broadway play and the fun they had together and later their celebrating. he will be sadly missed and yes heaven is receiving an angel. Maybe they will make everybody laugh in heaven. God Bless RIP rICHARD lEONARDO

  2. Ioana

    23 août 2019 à 11:49

    Gavin, Jonathan and Nicholas, I have no words to express how sorry I am… Theresa was an incredible person … I will never forget when we moved next door and she vacuumed the whole house so we come with our baby into a clean house. She was a very busy person, but she always  made time to stop, talk to the girls, to let them play and pet the dogs … When the mother was ill and we had to look into palliative care,  she was there right away to make this as easy as possible for everyone. She was with us every moment, until my mother passed away…  and all this without ever knowing how many medals and recognitions she received.  She was an ambitious person, very hardworking and extremely modest … but above all, she was a mother and wife … and the pain her loss causes is indescribable.  I pray for you, my dear ones, that time may ease your suffering, and you may overcome this immense loss.  God rest her soul in peace! Ioana, Vlad and family

  3. Lindsay McLeod

    23 août 2019 à 12:49

    I am one of 300 volunteers at the Residence but Teresa always greeted me by name and with friendly familiarity – genuine familiarity – because she’s the kind of person you get to know on first meeting. She will be sorely missed. Gavin, Jonathan and Nicholas I hope the wonderful memories can sustain you through this roughest of times. Much love.

  4. Julie Lafontaine

    23 août 2019 à 2:23

    With deepest sympathies and prayers for the whole family as you live this incredibly difficult time. Theresa was a wonderful example and gift to the world. Words cannot express just how impactful she has been. God has blessed us tremendously through her. Love and prayers to all,
    Julie (Lafontaine) and family

  5. Prinja-Kelly Family

    23 août 2019 à 5:37

    Dearest Gavin, Jonathan and Nicolas,
    TC loved life. We will remember her as a compassionate, loving, fun and joyful person. Her sense of humour, well needless to say she really cracked us up. You have been in our thoughts everyday and we pray that the cherished memories you have shared together will give you strength along with
    the love and support from family and friends.
    Rest in peace sweet TC,
    Warren, Ranj, Spencer and Rhiannon

  6. Dina Saikali

    23 août 2019 à 5:38

    Dear Gavin,
    I was sad to hear the news about Teresa and wanted to express my heartfelt condolences to you, Jonathan, Nicholas, Teresa’s family and Rae. My thoughts are with you all.

    I remember Teresa’s warmth and all the support she gave Karen.

    My family and I appreciate the great care my uncle Raymond (Roro) received during his last days at the West Island Palliative Care Centre that came to be thanks to Teresa’s tenacity, hard work, and devotion. Like so many other people, we are grateful to her.
    My love to you all,

  7. Angèle Poirier

    23 août 2019 à 6:54

    My deepest condolences to Teresa’s family. Teresa was such a loving and caring person. I certainly enjoyed spending time with her and family at WIPCR.

  8. PauletteZ Zielinski

    23 août 2019 à 7:21

    I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa for the 1st time when Russ Williams approached me to help her with a very ‘preliminary’ corporate funding list. I may not have had the opportunity to see her in person many times over these past years, but those I know who had that grandest of pleasure, made me feel that I was there, right in front of her and having a conversation about our community. Teresa was special in so many ways. We in the community who have had friends or family members end their final journey at the WIPCR, know the greatest contribution she has left us. GOD decided that she had accomplished all her dreams/projects and chose to take her at such a young age. My heart aches at this tremendous loss – who knows what she would have had as another project. Those closest to her must be overwhelmed and I share their sorrow. May she Rest in Peace and watch over us.

  9. Rose Murphy

    23 août 2019 à 10:05

    I managed to visit with TC last December at the residence and she was so cheerful, as usual. I shall miss those visits. My condolences to Gavin and their sons, Len and Barbara and the all the Dellars. You are in my prayers.

  10. Gina Marshall and Mathew Marshall

    24 août 2019 à 8:14

    As Becket Players my son and I were honored to call TC one of our friends and spent many an hour working as volunteers beside her and Gavin. She will be missed in the world and in our hearts always.

  11. Kim Paquin

    24 août 2019 à 8:15

    I did not know her personally but I knew of her and all the work she did for her community and for the palliative of care she help create, her life will be celebrated on Tuesday the way it should be, my thoughts and prayers to her husband and children and her parents. Rest well sweet angel

  12. Corrie Sirota

    24 août 2019 à 9:13

    My heart along with so many others feels broken. I wish there were these perfect words to say that could magically help ease the pain of such a significant loss, instead I find myself struggling to discover the appropriate sentiments that might help in some small and meaningful way. In the words of Morrie Schwartz (from Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Alboim): « As long as we can love each other and remember the love that we had, we can die without ever really going away. All the love that we shared is still there, all the memories are still there. They remain in the hearts of everyone we have touch and nurtured while we were alive…death ends a life, not a relationship »
    I know with all the love and support of good friends and family, you will find your way through this. My thoughts are with you. Fondly, Corrie

  13. Valerey Piper Chirke

    24 août 2019 à 1:20

    Sincere condolences to Gavin, Johnathan , Nicholas, Mom, Dad, and all your loving family members. Thank you for giving us the opportunity and pleasure of volunteering as well as working at the WIPCR , during a 12 year period . We were fortunate to have brought two of our family members there in their final days, by passing away peacefully ! Teresa built the Residence as a home not just a house, the energy within was dynamic ! Thank you Lord for bringing Teresa and I together in sharing a quiet moment together a month prior. May God bless her dear soul and grant her eternal Peace , Amen
    Sincerely, Valerey &Peter Chirke

  14. Lise Bourbeau

    24 août 2019 à 1:22

    Mes prières accompagnent la famille ainsi que mes sympathies les plus sincères.

  15. Barbara D’Agata

    24 août 2019 à 6:21

    Dear Gavin, Jonathan, Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs. Dellar, and family. My sincerest condolences on your tremendous loss of dear sweet Teresa! I was fortunate to have worked at the West Island Palliative Residence and to have witnessed Teresa’s compassion and kindness towards patients, staff, and volunteers. She was loved and respected by all who new her! Rest In Peace dear sweet Teresa. You will be missed! Barbara D’Agata

  16. Diane Browne

    25 août 2019 à 12:50

    My sincere condolences to all the family at this very sad time….Teresa’s caring and thoughtful generosity to others made her one of a kind….may she Rest In Peace,

  17. Simon Chang

    25 août 2019 à 4:17

    My heartfelt condolences to all the family, Teresa was an exceptionally kind and compassionate person that will truly be missed.

  18. Louise Gauthier and Dolores Meade

    26 août 2019 à 8:25

    Teresa made the world a better place, with her warmth and devotion to what she believed in. Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss. R.I.P. Teresa.

  19. Fr. Mike Shaw

    26 août 2019 à 6:11

    A person who faces the mystery of death and gives such hope to those who are dying is indeed a loving, compassionate and mature individual.

    Do use are just a few of the qualities of such a woman as Theresa Della.

    From being a friend of a friend she became a shining beacon for the world to see How it could serve is dying.

    She will be deeply missed as are all people who prays others before themselves.

    Shalom and love Fr. Mike Shaw


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